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iPhone 5: How to pre-order tonight despite Apple and AT&T sites being down

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The Apple iPhone 5 is so popular that its demand during the first hour of its presale has crushed the servers at both and

But just because it is almost impossible to order the taller, thinner, faster new iPhone via the web, that doesn't mean you cannot order one through other means.

Ironically, the best way to pre-order your new iPhone is through your current iPhone.

If you download the free Apple Store app on your iPhone within minutes the intuitive Apple Store App will prompt you through the few simple steps to make your wallet hundreds of dollars lighter and your night that much brighter.

The app will even allow you to select whether you would like your new phone (in either black or white) delivered to you or if you would prefer to pick it up on September 21 at your local Apple store.

Update 1:02 a.m. Web expert Danny Sullivan is tweeting that it could take two weeks now to get your iPhone

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