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LAPD Chief Beck injured in motorcycle incident, but coming back to work on Monday anyway

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Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck was slightly injured in a motorcycle accident, authorities said Friday.

"Chief Beck was in a minor motocross accident with minor injuries, and he will return to work on Monday," Los Angeles police Officer Tenesha Dobine said.

Police said the accident occurred Thursday, but no other details were released.

Beck injured a shoulder and underwent a medical procedure to repair the damage, sources told the Los Angeles Times. He's expected to make a full recovery and is currently resting at home, officials told the Times.

Beck, 59, is a motocross veteran who specializes in riding vintage motorcycles. He's even nationally ranked. Beck's competed in multiple categories in motocross and off-road racing since the 1970s, according to the Times. He's competed in over 50 expert-class competitions and won events and police and fire competitions.

That's not Beck's only extracurricular form of transportation — according to the Times, Beck and his family are also avid horse riders.

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