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Valencia man arrested after he writes online about murdering kids

Sgt. Harris speaking to various media outlets regarding yesterday's arrest made by Santa Clarita Station Detectives.
Sgt. Harris speaking to various media outlets regarding yesterday's arrest made by Santa Clarita Station Detectives.

Updated 2:31 p.m.: AP A California man accused of posting comments on ESPN's website that claimed he was watching kids and wouldn't mind killing them is in jail on $1 million bail after he was arrested for investigation of making terrorist threats.

Authorities say several guns were found Monday at the home of former Yale University student Eric Yee.

The 21-year-old was arrested after the sports network ESPN reported threatening posts were made in a reader response section to an online story about new Nike sneakers named after LeBron James.

Authorities say the online posts claimed the shooting would be like the one in Auora, Colo., where 12 people were killed and 58 were injured in July.

Yee lives with his parents in a home overlooking two schools in northern Los Angeles County.

Officials at Yale say he withdrew from the university in May for undisclosed reasons. 

Previously: Los Angeles County sheriff deputies kicked in the door of home in Valencia after they were alerted of a man allegedly making online threats about school children.

Monday, the Santa Clarita Valley sheriff station was notified by the Bristol, Connecticut, police that an unknown person wrote on a web site that he was "watching kids and did not mind murdering them", according to the statement by the LASD, adding that he he would like to do it like the recent shooting in Aurora, Colorado.

There has been no official word as to what site the threat was written on, but the assumption is the web site in question is hosted by ESPN, as the sports giant is based in Bristol.

Santa Clarita Valley Detectives identified a suspect who lived on in the 23000 block of Edenton Place which overlooks Santa Clarita Elementary School and Arroyo Seco Junior High and arrested him without incident. Several firearms were found in the home.

The suspect was booked at the Santa Clarita Valley station. They say they will release his name pending verification with other police departments that there are no other suspects.

NBCLA reports that neighbors said the suspect lived with his parents and was "well educated."

One of the other police departments LASD is waiting on is the Yale University P.D., who told KPCC it was unable to comment on the case at this time. It is unclear if the suspect attended the university.

Although deputies said there was no reason to be in lock-down, Santa Clarita Elementary is taking the precaution of keeping the children inside the school.

"We are not in official lock-down but we are keeping the students in for recess and lunch recess," Principal Dianne Saunders said Tuesday.

Additionally, Santa Clarita Elementary has an alert system where parents can be notified via email or text message about emergencies. Saunders said she sent out and alert to 446 parents yesterday telling them that the sheriff advised her of the threat regarding the suspect. A copy of the statement from the sheriff's department was attached to the email, she added.

Officials at Arroyo Seco Junior High said the children are enjoying recess today.