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CHP: Drivers, don't space out during Endeavour flyover

Space Shuttle Endeavour To Head To Los Angeles

Bill Ingalls/NASA/Getty Images

In this handout provided by NASA, a bird is seen near the space shuttle Endeavour, atop NASA's Shuttle Carrier Aircraft, or SCA, at the Shuttle Landing Facility at NASA's Kennedy Space Center on September 17, 2012 in Cape Canaveral, Florida. The SCA, a modified 747 jetliner, will fly Endeavour to Los Angeles where it will be placed on public display at the California Science Center. This is the final ferry flight scheduled in the Space Shuttle Program era.


NASA/Dmitri Gerondidakis

Space shuttle Endeavour at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida before it was mounted onto a modified 747 for it's cross country flight. The shuttle will fly into Los Angeles on September 20th, 2012.

Corey Moore/KPCC

Inglewood chopped down about 128 trees to clear the way for Space Shuttle Endeavour's planned trek through South LA streets on October 12. LA will clear away 265 trees.

Discovery And Endeavour Space Shuttles Move Locations At Kennedy Space Ctr

Roberto Gonzalez/Getty Images

CAPE CANAVERAL, FL - AUGUST 11: Space Shuttle Endeavour leaves the Orbiter Processing Facility on its way to the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) at Kennedy Space Center August 11, 2011 in Cape Canaveral, Florida. Space Shuttles Endeavour and Discovery switched buildings as they are being decommissioned with the end of the Shuttle program. (Photo by Roberto Gonzalez/Getty Images)

Keep it together, L.A. You're acting like you've never seen a 747/space shuttle sandwich before.

The twice delayed piggyback of a lifetime is expected to fly over Los Angeles on Friday when a modified Boeing 747 strapped with an 85-ton space shuttle does a lap around the city before committing to a location.

KPCC’s Corey Moore reports that the retired space shuttle Endeavour — being prepped by NASA engineers to make the trip from Florida's Kennedy Space Center to LAX — will be flying over Griffith Observatory, the Hollywood Hills, L.A. City Hall and other well-known landmarks.

The Los Angeles County Chief Executive Office, Office of Emergency Management (OEM), Sheriff’s Department, California Highway Patrol, NASA Dryden Flight Research Center and U.S. Air Force are all warning Southland drivers to keep focused behind the wheel during the flyover. 

CHP issued a warning Tuesday calling Endeavour's entrance an "impressive sight that has the potential for distracting drivers and pedestrians." Officials issued a common sense release last week urging people to not stop on roads or highways, noting, "it may cause traffic congestion or potential accidents." Transportation officials will discuss precautions at a news conference at the California Science Center on Wednesday. 

KPCC's Mae Ryan has a few pro tips on how to take an excellent photograph of the space shuttle, should you endeavour to Memorex the arrival from a safe location.

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