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Carmageddon 2 (the sequel) FAQ

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When: Both sides of the 405 freeway will be closed Saturday, Sept. 29 and Sunday, Sept. 30, 2012, northbound between the 10 and the 101, southbound between the 101 and Getty Center Drive.

Why: Caltrans is demolishing the north side of the Mulholland Drive Bridge and reconstructing it in two phases. They are doing this to widen the 405 freeway and to add a northbound HOV (carpool) lane through the Sepulveda Pass.

Didn't we just have a Carmageddon? The first phase, the original Carmageddon, took place during July 16 and 17, 2011 when the south side of Mulholland Dr Bridge was demolished. We are now about to head into the second phase.

How soon will it take to reconstruct the north side of the bridge? 12 months. But fear not during reconstruction, the Mulholland Drive Bridge will allow one lane of traffic in each direction.

Will the freeways and onramps close exactly at midnight? No. Like most good things, the closure will ease its way in there. On Friday, September 28, ramps along the 10-mile closure area will start getting shut down as early as 7 p.m., and closure of individual freeway lanes will begin at 10 p.m. So how about this: stay away from the 405 this weekend. It's changing.

When will it reopen?  Even though the first Carmaggedon ended earlier than predicted, this one may not be so lucky. The closure to the 405 is scheduled to continue until 5 a.m. Monday morning, Oct. 1. Ramps and connectors will be reopened by 6 a.m. 

Will Metrolink trains be packed with people that weekend? Metrolink, who saw record numbers of riders during last year's Carmaggedon will add seven round-trip trains on its Ventura County line between Chatsworth and Union Station in downtown L.A. including stops in Glendale, beautiful downtown Burbank, Bob Hope Airport, Van Nuys and Northridge.

Fine, I'll leave L.A. where should I go? Don't know, don't care, but there are deals specifically for Los Angelenos trying escape to Palm Springs and Santa Barbara.

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