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Say goodbye to almost all those pesky helicopters during Carmageddon 2

Photo by scottjlowe / Flickr creative commons

Photo by scottjlowe / Flickr creative commons

News helicopters fly above the scene of police activity in Glendale, Calif. A first-of-its-kind pool agreement among Southland news organizations guarantees that similar craft won't crowd the skies over Carmageddon II this weekend along the 405 Freeway.

There will be very little news chopper activity over the Sepulveda Pass during Carmageddon II this weekend.

Southland television stations - including KABC, KTLA and KMEX - have agreed to share footage from a single helicopter camera recording the demolition of the north side of the Mulholland Drive Bridge on the 405 Freeway.

Jeff Baugh is an airborne traffic reporter for AM radio station KNX. He helped steer the effort that aims to cut down helicopter noise.

“One problem we’ve admittedly are trying to change and have changed since the last Carmageddon is trying to stop, you know, is the hovering of several helicopters in one place in for a long period of time.”

Baugh says TV stations will take turns assigning flyovers in to provide the pool coverage. They’ll only send in the choppers when major TV newscasts are scheduled on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings, and on Monday morning.


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