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Thousands of uninsured flock to LA Sports Arena for free health care clinic

47990 full
47990 full

Care Harbor's fourth annual free health clinic is underway at the Los Angeles Sports Arena. Over the next four days, organizers expect some 4,800 people will take advantage of the 85 clinics who've sent hundreds of health professionals to provide complimentary care. 

The clinic is set up on the arena's floor, with mobile vision trailers and examination tables lined up. Doctors and other care providers are offering anything that can be done in such a mobile setting — blood tests, vision exams and, perhaps most excitingly, dental care. An unscientific poll of the first arrivals Thursday morning pointed to dental care as the main draw.

The volunteering agencies have also agreed to provide anyone who needs followup care with free appointments at their clinics. 

Organizers gave out wristbands to the thousands who lined up for a spot on Monday. Anyone with a wristband is welcome at the clinic over the next four days.

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