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Eric Gagne should have named names says former Dodger Adrian Beltre

File photo of Adrian Beltre when he played for the Dodgers
File photo of Adrian Beltre when he played for the Dodgers
Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

Adrian Beltre, a former Dodger third baseman says it's not enough that former teammate Eric Gagne said that 80 percent of his old team was juiced up on illegal performance enhancement drugs (PEDs).

Beltre, now of the Texas Rangers, wants Gagne to be specific with his allegations.

"He should have named the names," said Beltre said Wednesday. "I know I'm not one of them."

The slugger, who debuted as a Dodger at 19 years-old in 1998 and peaked during his final season with L.A. in 2004 when he belted a career high 48 home runs, says he has no interest in reading Gagne's forthcoming autobiography "Game Over".

"I didn't read the book and don't want to read the book. Everybody has the right to write a book. He can say what he wants to say. But if you write a book like that, you should name names," Beltre said.

Jose Canseco, who knows a few things about steroids, also chimed in Wednesday. 

"Eric gagne says 85 percent used peds in 2004. Is that newsworthy? I thought we already discussed this topic. It's old news," the author of "Juiced" told his 483,000 Twitter followers