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VIDEO: Rush-hour car chase from Ventura down 101 ends in Hollywood arrest

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The California Highway Patrol captured the driver of a Mercedes-Benz that led officers on an hour-long chase through rush-hour traffic on the 101 freeway.

Officers with guns drawn slowly approached and handcuffed the driver on the southbound 101 after he pulled the car over, got out and kneeled down shortly before 9 a.m. Friday in Hollywood.

A female passenger was also handcuffed.

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CHP officials say the chase began around 8 a.m. Friday in Ventura when the car refused to pull over after being spotted traveling at up to 90 mph and weaving on the freeway.

It's unclear whether the car is stolen.

The chase extended more than 50 miles and reached 100 mph at times.

However, the Mercedes slowed to a near crawl at times when it hit heavy traffic in L.A.

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