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Probation report: 'Sons of Anarchy' actor 'out of control,' a danger to others

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Details of alleged lawlesness continue to emerge in the case of former "Sons of Anarchy" actor Johnny Lewis who, days after being released from jail, apparently killed his elderly landlady, mutilated a cat, attacked neighbors, and then fell or jumped off a roof to his death in the Los Feliz hills. 

The Associated Press reports Friday that Johnny Lewis' probation officers had considered him a danger to others and were worried about his mental health.

One probation officer wrote in a report two months ago that Lewis was "out of control." He was on probation for pleading no contest to an assault charge. 

ABC News reports that Lewis may have been taking a designer drug called "smiles" at the time of the incidents. Police said the actor's behavior resembled the "psychotic effects" observed in other designer-drug users, however no evidence of drugs was found, and toxicology test results could take several weeks.

Around 10:40 a.m. on Sept. 26, officers responded to reports of breaking glass and a screaming woman at the Writer's Villa -- a bed and breakfast-type rental. When officers arrived, Lewis' body was seen in the driveway, Catherine Davis, his 81-year-old landlady, was dead in her bedroom of strangulation and blunt-force trauma, and the mutilated body of a cat was found in the bathroom. 

Police say no one fled the scene, and Lewis — who displayed "superhuman strength," according to a witness — is the only suspect.

"Mr. Lewis at some point jumped over a fence into a neighbor's yard, and for some reason attacked the painter who was over there painting the house," LAPD Cmd. Andrew Smith told ABC News. "The painter and the homeowner were able to get him away. He jumped back into his yard where he was staying and at some point shortly thereafter fell to his death."

Earlier this week, two rentals at the Writer's Villa were advertised on Craigslist. Both rentals were listed as available starting Sept. 24. The location, near Los Feliz and Griffith Park Blvds, is described in the ad as:

"...a rambling Spanish home in Los Angeles, set up for creative people...The ambiance is much like that of a fine Bed and Breakfast Inn, combining the best of hotel and home. Built in the style of a hacienda, the villa offers large rooms, lovely patios and sitting areas and wonderful views! One-bedroom Guest house $3,500. Suites in the villa $1,550 to $2,250 monthly." 

2C-I, sometimes called "smiles" is sold as a powder or pill. Alexander Shulgin, the former Dow Chemical Company chemist famous for his work in popularizing Ecstasy, is credited with being the first to synthesize the hallucinogenic drug.

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