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Seth MacFarlane's hosting the 2013 Oscars: Watch video of his other hosting gigs

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Seth MacFarlane was announced Monday as the host of the 2013 Academy Awards ceremony. He’s best known as the mind and voice(s) behind “Family Guy,” “American Dad” and “The Cleveland Show,” as well as the recent film “Ted” about a foul-mouthed teddy bear. However, he’s no stranger to hosting and presenting. Here's how it's gone before.

He just hosted the season premiere of “Saturday Night Live,” where he delivered a game performance and used his go-to voices while also venturing out into a variety of characters. Of course, the most important part of any Oscar host’s gig is the monologue, so here’s how it went down on SNL:

Seth MacFarlane also hosted the WGA writers guild awards. He did a writer-specific take on “Ya Got Trouble” from “The Music Man,” showing both his sense of humor and his love for musical theater. (Warning: His song contains adult language.)

An awards show host usually needs to be able to take some gentle shots at the celebrities in attendance… or some not-so-gentle shots. He’s been the roast master for Comedy Central roasts of David Hasselhoff, Donald Trump and Charlie Sheen. You can see some clips from those shows below:

Charlie Sheen

David Hasselhoff


Donald Trump (Warning: This video contains adult language)

He includes an Oscars joke in that Trump monologue that came on the heels of James Franco and Anne Hathaway hosting in 2011, taking a shot at Franco’s hosting. MacFarlane said, “How do you prepare for a night like this? Personally, I smoked a lot of pot, and clearly don’t give a s— about this show. So, I’m kind of the perfect host for this roast — or for the Oscars.” Will he bring the care that he criticized Franco for lacking to his own hosting?

An Oscars host usually needs to be able to perform in some sketches, so here’s how a few of my favorites from his recent SNL appearance turned out:

First Date

Puppet Class

Weekend Update: Ryan Lochte

MacFarlane had a mishap while attempting to present the Emmy for best reality show host, as he walked onstage and couldn’t find the microphone, so hopefully things go a little smoother at the Oscars. He also later told Jay Leno that he hadn’t attended rehearsal, but I’m betting he’ll be hitting the hosting books hard come Oscar time.

MacFarlane made a video announcement of his upcoming Oscars hosting; will this be the type of comedy he brings to the Academy Awards? Check it out:

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