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PHOTOS: KPCC's Steve Julian and John Rabe get their flu shots

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Flu season has started, and it's a race. As the influenza virus searches for vulnerable victims, CVS pharmacist Jill Kolin came to KPCC to give flu shots, including a live on-air flu shot for Morning Edition host Steve Julian.

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According to Kolin, people should not be deterred by any soreness the vaccine causes.

"Sometimes people may feel a little bit of achiness, maybe a slight headache, but it's nothing compared to when you actually get the flu. The flu can be so debilitating that when you're laying down you can't even turn over — it hurts to move your body," she said.

With sleeve rolled, Off-Ramp host John Rabe musters focus for his impending flu shot:

A close-up shot of the vaccine:

The needle approaches...


Aaaand a perfect hit, in Rabe's efforts to remain flu-free until next year:

Two things you might not have known about flu shots:

1) If you relax your arm, it won't be as sore from the shot the next day.

2) Some flu shot needles retract back into the syringe after the shot, so there's no way they can get stuck elsewhere.

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