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I love LA? Randy Newman, N.W.A losing to Rush and Deep Purple in Hall of Fame poll

Randy Newman speaking on a KPCC panel about writing music for films.
Randy Newman speaking on a KPCC panel about writing music for films.
Jasmin Tuffaha/KPCC

Canada and Britain are putting a beat-down on local artists N.W.A and Randy Newman in a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame online poll that began Thursday.

Veteran rock trio Rush is leading all others in the poll where fans have the chance to partake in the 2013 induction selection process. The British classic rock group Deep Purple is currently in second place.

Members of the public are allowed to vote on up to five nominees that they feel should be forever enshrined in Cleveland (where the heart of rock is still beating?). After the online voting ends in early December, the top five artists will make it to a fan ballot, according to the the Rock Hall of Fame.

After one day of voting Heart, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Albert King, Donna Summer, Public Enemy and Procol Harum are ranked 3rd to 8th respectively. Then trailing in at 9th and 10th are the rap legends from Compton and the man who gave us "I Love L.A."

Procol Harum is that much more popular than Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, and Eazy bleepity-bleep E?

Critics have had issues with the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame since its inception. None more dramatic than a fax punk legend Johnny Rotten sent out in 1996 refusing to attend the induction of his band.

"Next to the SEX-PISTOLS rock and roll and that hall of fame is a piss stain. Your museum. Urine in wine. Were not coming. Were not your monkey and so what? Fame at $25,000 if we paid for a table, or $15000 to squeak up in the gallery, goes to a non-profit organisation selling us a load of old famous. Congradulations. If you voted for us, hope you noted your reasons. Your anonymous as judges, but your still music industry people. Were not coming. Your not paying attention. Outside the [expletive]-stem is a real SEX PISTOL," the hand scrawled note read.

Imagine the fury if Ice Cube decided to aim his vengeance at the hall... or better yet, Newman. Blow, big man, blow!