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71 medical marijuana dispensaries have until Tuesday to shut down

46238 full
46238 full

The shops - all located in Downtown Los Angeles and Eagle Rock - received shut-down warnings last month. Those letters indicated that the US Attorney's office believed the dispensaries violated federal and state laws because they turned a profit. California law requires dispensaries to operate as non-profits.

The crackdown coincides with heightened focus on marijuana in LA. Last week, the LA City Council overturned its own ban on marijuana dispensaries and avoided placing the issue before voters. But federal officials in the region say they'll continue their campaign against dispensaries. During the last year the federal government has shut down more than 600 dispensaries in the state.

Officials have said that raids usually aren't necessary because warning letters have been enough to force compliance. It's unclear exactly what will happen when the deadline hits. The LAPD says immediate raids are unlikely, but dispensaries that don't shut down are on notice.

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