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MAP: The space shuttle Endeavour's full route from LAX to the California Science Center

48307 full
48307 full

The space shuttle Endeavour moves this weekend from LAX to the California Science Center. Here’s the route it will follow:

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California Science Center president and CEO Jeff Rudolph told NBC L.A. that the best place for the public to watch the shuttle move is… on TV. Other than that, he said that the biggest opportunity to check out the shuttle would be a stop the shuttle’s making Saturday morning at the Inglewood Forum.

Rudolph said that there would be stretches along the route where the public can see the shuttle, but that those locations had yet to be released by Los Angeles and Inglewood police, and that he would defer to police as far as where they think the best viewing places are.

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You can watch the full interview with Rudolph below:

View more videos at:

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