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After the spike, California gas prices are leveling off

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What goes up, must come down, but not necessarily as fast.

California gasoline prices hit another record high early Tuesday morning, but the increase was smaller than in past days. Officials are hoping that the early release of a winter fuel blend will help ease the sticker shock.

AAA's Daily Fuel Gauge Report says the average price for regular gas on Tuesday was a bit over $4.67 a gallon. The price was a state record and the highest in the nation, but was up only a fraction of a cent overnight, compared to nearly 50 cents in the past week.

The highest average price in the state is $4.75 in the San Luis Obispo, Atascadero and Paso Robles area.

San Diego is $4.72 a gallon and the Los Angeles area about $4.71.

Gov. Jerry Brown has ordered the California Air Resources Board to allow so-called "winter-blend" gasoline to be sold in California earlier than usual to increase supply.

Officials said it could take days before prices fall, depending on how quickly refineries can get the winter-blend fuel to market.

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