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LA County man behind anti-Islam film "Innocence of Muslims" due in court today

Edwin Calderon/NBC LA

LA County Sheriff deputies escort Mark Basseley Youssef, the director of a controversial anti-Muslim film, from his Cerritos home in September 2012.

A Los Angeles County man behind the anti-Muslim film that sparked violence in the Middle East is expected to appear in federal court today. A Los Angeles judge is expected to ask Mark Basseley Youssef whether he violated his probation for a 2010 bank fraud conviction.

Federal prosecutors argue that the 55-year-old had eight probation violations, including lying to his probation officer and using aliases. If Youssef denies those allegations, the judge is expected to schedule an evidentiary hearing to determine if he violated the terms of his release from prison.

Federal authorities say Youssef – a Coptic Christian who also went by the name Nakoula Basseley Nakoula – was behind the film "Innocence of Muslims." The movie, which mocked Muslims and the prophet Muhammad, led to violence in the Middle East, killing dozens.

Read court documents explaining why prosecutors requested Youssef's detention and the judge's reasons for holding him:

Youssef Court Docs

Youssef Court Docs2

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