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El Monte lifeguards fired for "Gangnam Style" video parody get their jobs back


Three of the fired El Monte lifeguards in the video that got them into hot water.

The El Monte lifeguards who got into hot water for making a parody of the "Gangnam Style" video will get their jobs back.

The El Monte City Council voted Tuesday to rehire the workers pending a review of center management, policies and procedures, the San Gabriel Valley Tribune reported.

The 14 lifeguards were fired for making a parody video of the song by Korean rapper PSY in uniform and at the pool. It showed lifeguards in their city-issued swimsuits dancing underwater and on diving boards at the Aquatic Center.

City officials say the workers violated employee conduct standards and prohibitions on use of city property.

The lifeguards say they were off the clock when they made the spoof.

See the video spoof below:

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