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Amazing time-lapse videos of Endeavour's mission through Los Angeles

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It seems like only days ago that Endeavour captured the city's imagination in its historic trek through Los Angeles. But the amazing stuff is still coming out: Lately, several amazing time-lapse videos have appeared that encapsulate the epic journey into a few minutes, and we've compiled a few of the best here.

Days after the space shuttle Endeavour made its final journey from LAX to the California Science Center, the interest in the orbiter's has not died down.

Bryan Chan of the L.A. Times was the first to post a first class time-lapse of the beloved spaceship creeping east to its final resting point. Even though the video isn't embeddable, it has received more than 73,000 Facebook likes since it was published Monday.

On Wednesday, a team lead by Matthew Givot posted this time-lapse, which may even be better than Chan's solo effort. Not only is the video very well done, but three times as many people watched it as of Thursday than Wednesday:

Meanwhile, our partners at NBCLA compiled more than 4,300 pictures to produce this two-minute time lapse sequence, derived from images from the press pool:

Meanwhile, CurbedLA's time lapse isn't very long and doesn't track Endeavour going very far, but it does feature the always-hilarious Benny Hill theme "Yakety Sax."

And, as you can see from our slideshow above, some people embraced the shuttle by drawing sketches of it, while others took time-lapse photos of the once-in-a-lifetime cruise through the city.

Have you seen any other time-lapse images of Endeavour tour through Inglewood and L.A.? Let us know in the comments below.


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