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82-year-old thief gets her wish of spending time in prison - for her health

Doris Thompson booking photo
Doris Thompson booking photo
Torrance Police Department

Doris Thompson has a rap sheet that goes back more than 50 years and so many aliases she had to ask lawyers what name to sign when she plead guilty Thursday to charges that would send her to state prison.

Thompson, 82, also has diabetes and other ailments, and she felt she would receive better medical care in prison as opposed to in a county jail, reports the Daily Breeze.

"I cannot do no time in Lynwood," Thompson told Torrance Superior Court Judge Mark Arnold referring to the county jail she should have been sent to for the 10 burglaries she was accused of.

"I need to go to prison. I'm too sick," she said to the court.

Thompson, who also goes by Doris Gamble, has a 21-page criminal history that includes crimes such as forgery, grand theft and even murder. In 1957, according to the Breeze, the 5-foot-3-inch woman was convicted of murder, but she was deemed insane and sent to a mental hospital.

So, as requested, Deputy District Attorney Lisa Houle refiled the burglary charges as thefts on Thursday which allowed Judge Arnold to sentence her to state prison for over six years.

With good behavior (and good health) Thompson could be out in three years.