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UPDATED: Preliminary findings in 'Top Gun' director Tony Scott's suicide released; no cancer found

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Los Angeles County coroner’s officials released preliminary findings in the suicide of “Top Gun” director Tony Scott Monday. Chief coroner investigator Chris Harvey told the Los Angeles Times that Scott had no pre-existing conditions, based on an autopsy and medical records, contrary to rumors that swirled in the immediate wake of Scott’s death, but Scott was on medication whose side effects can include suicidal thoughts.

“There was no evidence of neoplasia — cancer — identified,” Harvey told the Times.

The preliminary findings show that Scott died of multiple blunt-force injuries after jumping of the Vincent Thomas Bridge. Scott also had therapeutic levels of anti-depressant Mirtazipine (aka Remeron) and prescription sleep aid Lunesta, with drowning also considered a factor.

One side effect of Lunesta does include the worsening of depression, including suicidal thoughts and actions, according to the FDA. Mirtazipine has also been shown to increase suicidal thoughts and actions, but primarily in children, teens and young adults.

ABC News initially reported that Scott had been suffering from inoperable brain cancer, before doubts were cast on that, including a denial by Scott’s family. Investigators interviewed Scott’s family and colleagues, but those interviews reportedly didn’t help them determine why Scott committed suicide either, the Times reports.

Scott leapt to his death on Aug. 19, with an autopsy conducted Aug. 20. Scott was remembered fondly by his colleagues. He left behind notes to loved ones, but they didn’t mention any health issues.

Along with “Top Gun,” other films directed by Scott include “Beverly Hills Cop II,” “Days of Thunder,” “True Romance,” “Crimson Tide,” “Enemy of the State” and, most recently, “Unstoppable.” He was famed director Ridley Scott’s younger brother.

The final coroner’s report is expected to be released in two weeks.

This story has been updated. An earlier version misspelled Lunesta.

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