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Photos: Your awesome Halloween costumes! Show us more!

Halloween Costumes from Listeners - 1

Photo by Peggy Lewak

Peggy Lewak submitted this photo of the class of 2029 from a Mommy and Me Halloween gathering.

Halloween Costumes from Listeners - 16

Photo by Denine Dawson

Denine Dawson shared this image of 13-year-old Akela Munsey as a character by pop art icon Roy Lichtenstein.

Halloween Costumes from Listeners - 3

Photo by Adam Bass

Adam Bass (@adamgbass), Dan Wentzel (@DanWentzel), Dave O'Brien (@dave_obrien), and Steve Baxter dress up as the Golden Girls for Halloween.

Halloween Costumes from Listeners - 4

Photo by Abegail Baguio

Abegail Baguio (@AtwaterGurrrlll) took this humorous photo of her nephew, dressed as Mario, watches Baguio's niece cry after her mother took away her gourd.

Halloween Costumes from Listeners - 15

Photo by Beau Yarbrough

Beau Yarbrough (@LBY3) shared this Minecraft-themed costume. If you take a closer look, this axe was not pixelated in post-production.

Halloween Costumes from Listeners - 14

Photo by Instagram user @joyfool

Joy (@joyfool on Instagram) shared her 80's rocker-themed costume with us.

Halloween Costumes from Listeners - 13

Photo by Rashad Al-Dabbagh

A voter registration form is a timely costume from Rashad Al-Dabbagh (?@Happy_Arab).

Halloween Costumes from Listeners - 12

Photo by Jonathan Rosner

Jonathan Rosner ?(@Rosnerpub) photographed his pug, Daisy, dressed as a pig.

Halloween Photo

Jason Chen

Jason Chen suits up for Halloween.

Halloween Costumes from Listeners - 11

Photo by Kate Slovin

Kate Slovin ?(@kateslovin) shared this image of a dead hostess and giant penguin, an entertaining mix.

Halloween Costumes from Listeners - 10

Photo by Beatriz Valenzuela

Beatriz Valenzuela's (@IEBeatriz) son dresses as the Incredible Hulk. Her son won a school costume contest with this outfit done by his mom, dad, and uncle.

Halloween Costumes from Listeners - 9

Photo by Alexis Mansinne

Alexis Mansinne (@yekits on Instagram) sent us this crafty take on the starbucks logo.

Halloween Photos

Marco Pascual

Marco Pascual and his family celebrate Halloween in Manila, Philippines.

Halloween Costumes from Listeners - 8

Photo by Madeline Brozen

Madeline Brozen ?(@Maddz4planning) made this giraffe costume with chicken wire and paper mâché. Brozen said her friends helped her though doors.

Halloween Costumes from Listeners - 7

Photo by Twitter user @SevenSilntMiles

Brittany (Twitter user @SevenSilntMiles) photographed her French Bulldog puppy dressed as a lobster.

Halloween Costumes from Listeners - 6

Photo by Leyda M

Leyda M's (@macley) son and his cousins dressed in a Twilight theme.

Halloween Costumes from Listeners - 5

Photo by Instagram user @sijennah

A Killer Clown costume is one of the scary images we received this weekend, via @sijennah on Instagram.

Halloween Costumes from Listeners - 2

Photo by Beau Yarbrough

Beau Yarbrough (@LBY3) shared this sugar skull-themed bride costume with us on Instagram.

Jonathan Moore/City of West Hollywood

A crowd at the West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval from 2010

A Chihuahua dressed as a pig barks to ot

AFP/AFP/Getty Images

A Chihuahua barks to other dogs during the Philippine Animal Welfare Society's (PAWS) annual Halloween fund raising event, Manila, 2011.

Scott Olson/Getty Images

A customer shops for a Halloween mask at Fantasy Costumes in Chicago. The store is open around the clock through Halloween to help keep up with customer demand.

Halloween and empowerment

Adolfo Guzman-Lopez

The Halloween parade at Gratts Primary Center near downtown L.A. provided students a lesson in dress up and self esteem.

Update Monday Oct. 29: Thanks to everyone who shared your amazing Halloween costumes; we've shared a bunch of them in our slideshow above. (We especially love the Golden Girls and the babies!)

There's still time to show us your costumes. Follow the instructions below and we'll add the best of them to our slideshow!

Previously: Will you be a binder full of women? A dalek? A Gangnam style rapper? Or something more simple?

Halloween is around the corner and we know you're putting the final touches on your costume. We want to see it!

Send us your photos of your (or your child's, even your pet's) costume and we'll feature the best on our site.

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Is your costume racist? Be sure to consult this checklist!

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