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LA city officials bulldoze fence at Occupy San Fernando Valley protest home

Occupy San Fernando - 4

Mae Ryan/KPCC

Occupy San Fernando members canvas the foreclosed house across the street from the Fernandez house.

Occupy San Fernando - 6

Mae Ryan/KPCC

A car outside the foreclosed Hernandez house where 30-50 Occupy members have been living since August 26th.

Occupy San Fernando - 3

Mae Ryan/KPCC

Ulises Hernandez sits outside his family's foreclosed house in Van Nuys. He and his family decided to get the Occupy movement involved to help save their home.

Occupy San Fernando - 5

Mae Ryan/KPCC

Amari Shakur, left, and William Gagin stand outside the foreclosed home. Gagin has been at the house since August 29th and often cooks meals for the house.

Occupy San Fernando - 8

Mae Ryan/KPCC

30-50 people live in tents and makeshift beds inside the Hernandez house.

Occupy San Fernando - 9

Mae Ryan/KPCC

The Hernandez family is fighting the foreclosure notice, but uncertain if their efforts will save their home.

Los Angeles city officials have torn down a 6-foot-tall wooden fence surrounding a home whose owner, Javier Hernandez, has been fighting fighting a bank-ordered eviction.

Read our recent interview with Hernandez and see more photos of protesters at the home.

Bulldozers from the city’s Building and Safety Department removed the fence Monday, the Los Angeles Daily News reports. Officials said it posed a danger and was on public property.

The home has become an encampment of the protest group Occupy San Fernando Valley that has been helping owner Javier Hernandez fight eviction for the past 65 days.

The three-bedroom home was sold at an auction in August after Hernandez failed to make mortgage payments over the past four years. Bank of America says Hernandez failed to submit documents for a loan modification last year.

Hernandez bought the house for $546,000 in 2006.

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