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Sandy: Superstorm's impact ripples through Southern California (video)

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Even though once Hurricane Sandy has been reclassified, the massive storm is still having major effects and is leaving its mark more than 3,000 miles away here in Southern California.

Here are some of the ways the storm's winds and rain have rippled across the nation to the West Coast:

  • Claudene Christian, 42 and a former USC song girl died at sea when a replica of the tall ship HMS Bounty sank off the North Carolina coast, according to the Los Angeles Times. The Coast Guard has posted a YouTube video of a helicopter crew rescuing the survivors:

  • Several websites with servers located on the East Coast have experienced delays or have seen their sites go down, at least temporarily. The list includes: Gawker and Huffington Post, which are hosted by Datagram, Inc. which posted this message about some of its issues, according to Reuters.
  • Phone service to the East Coast has been interrupted, with some early morning callers getting the message: "All circuits are busy." Verizon — one of the largest telephone, Internet and cable providers in the region — said it is due to the large volume of calls, the company said in a message posted on its website.
  • Sandy is also being felt in the entertainment industry. Companies with offices in New York are closed, save for essential personnel, and are reporting some damage, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Some staff remain stranded due to the hundreds of canceled flights to and from Southern California. The show Jimmy Kimmel Live — which normally tapes in Hollywood — says on its Twitter feed that the show will go on from Brooklyn tonight "unless something weird happens." Kimmel may have a similar experience to late night competitors David Letterman and Jimmy Fallon, who taped their shows on Monday without an audience, according to The New York Times.

Are there other ways you have seen Sandy impact Southern California? Leave a comment below or reach out to us via Twitter or Facebook.

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