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Gasoline prices in LA drop to average $4.09 a gallon

Gasoline prices Nov 2 2012

Ed Joyce/KPCC

Gasoline prices continue declining in Southern California after a record high of $4.70 a gallon in October 2012.

Gasoline prices in Southern California continue dropping after a record high set in October.

The average price of a gallon of self-serve regular gasoline Friday is $4.09 in Los Angeles County after dropping 3 cents from Thursday to Friday. That is the 24th consecutive day prices have declined. The record high price of $4.70 was set in October.

The Automobile Club of Southern California said the average price has fallen 61 cents the past three weeks. Prices for a gallon of self-serve regular in Orange ($4.03), Riverside and San Bernardino counties ($4.02) – are slightly lower, by a few pennies, than the average in L.A. County.

But prices vary throughout Southern California:  Some stations have higher prices, some are lower.  

Jeffrey Spring with the Auto Club said there are a lot of stations with prices under $4 a gallon and he encouraged drivers to shop for the best deals.


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