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Election day slideshow: A government of the cats, by the cats, for the cats

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You can hear it. Every minute, of every hour, on every frequency, in every fiber, the pounding sound of stomps and brays, the treacherous trumpeting of political provocation, a corrupt ruckus clattering and escalting into a ringing din of iniquity. Welcome to Election day. Need something fuzzy to look at? 

OK. Please enjoy these photographs of cats running governments around the world. 

Our domestic dog-and-pony show of donkeys and elephants is nothing compared to the cat-commanded mouse mongering elsewhere on the planet. Politics is for the clawed, and this makes the cats very happy. To ensure a future safe for all felines, kittens have fanned out across the globe, positioning themselves close to the ballots, and, whenever possible, close the world leaders themselves. 

Now go vote. The cats are watching.

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