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East Coast storm causes LAX flight cancellations

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A new storm has pushed several airlines to cancel New York-bound departures out of Los Angeles International Airport Wednesday morning, bringing back memories of travel delays caused by Hurricane Sandy.

The latest storm is weaker than Sandy, but brings high winds, a mix of rain and snow and the potential for more flooding. Superstorm Sandy last week led to more than 20,000 flight cancellations. Sandy flooded some airport runways when it hit last Monday.

United and American airlines plan to suspend operations in the region this afternoon. United Airlines has canceled five flights scheduled to JFK; American Airlines has canceled eight. Other airlines are encouraging passengers to reschedule — without a fee.

Storm surges along the coasts of New Jersey and New York are expected to reach perhaps 3 feet, only about half of what Sandy caused last week. High winds, which could reach 65 mph, could extend inland throughout the day, potentially stalling power restoration efforts or causing further outages. Snow is already bering reported in the area.

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