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No contest plea in 'Bling Ring' Paris Hilton jewelry theft

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The man who allegedly robbed Paris Hilton's home as part of the "Bling Ring" case pleaded no contest Thursday to receiving Hilton's stolen jewelry, with charges for burglary and conspiracy dismissed.

Roy Lopez Jr. entered the plea Thursday in Los Angeles. His sentence? Three years of supervised probation, plus credit for time served.

Lopez's attorney, David Diamond, said the plea lets Lopez get his life back on track while still supporting their contention that Lopez was never involved in burglarizing Hilton's home.

"Roy has been fighting for almost three years. He was unemployed and had become homeless at various times," Diamond said in a statement.

Diamond also criticized an officer involved in the case. "The tactics of officer Goodkin were an embarrassment to the concept of fairness in the criminal justice system. Roy has never been in Paris Hilton's residence and he can now stand firm by this claim because both the evidence and the court support this contention."

Lopez, 32, was charged with others in a series of celebrity home break-ins. Other victims included Lindsay Lohan, Megan Fox, Orlando Bloom, Rachel Bilson and Brian Austin Green.

A "Bling Ring" Lifetime movie (yes, one of those) was already produced, including '80s icon Jennifer Grey. Sofia Coppola is also directing a slightly higher profile Bling Ring movie starring Emma Watson, scheduled for release in 2013.

Several other defendants, including the alleged ringleaders, have taken plea deals.

Hilton has opted not to seek restitution from Lopez, a prosecutor says.

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