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Rev. Robert Schuller testifies in Crystal Cathedral bankruptcy case, plus 8 inspirational Schuller quotes

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Rev. Robert H. Schuller, the former televangelist host of the “Hour of Power” broadcasting from his signature Crystal Cathedral, testified in bankruptcy court that the ministry he founded owes him for using his creative works in broadcasts and online.

That former ministry, Crystal Cathedral Ministries, filed for bankruptcy in 2010 — thanks to $50 million in debt. Schuller, once among the most well-known televangelists in America, has filed more than $5 million in claims against the ministry in bankruptcy court.

Schuller, 86, testified Wednesday in U.S. District Bankruptcy Court in Los Angeles that he never gave up ownership of his written materials and other creative works, although he let Crystal Cathedral Ministries use them for free without receiving royalties.

Schuller appeared confused at times, the Orange County Register reports. He sometimes said he didn’t know about or didn’t recall previous statements, and made some incorrect statements, including saying that he was still the chairman of the church’s board. Schuller resigned from the church’s board in March.

When asked by his own attorney if the Crystal Cathedral had permission to sell Schuller’s material online, Schuller said, “I need to discuss that with the Lord,” the Register reports.

His daughter, Carol Schuller Milner, said that her father has memory problems, especially when stressed, the Register reports. “It’s not dementia,” she said.

Robert Schuller and his family allege the Crystal Cathedral owes them for unpaid contracts, copyright infringement and intellectual property rights.

Schuller’s influence continues, including being quoted numerous times a day on social media for the inspirational sentiments that made him a success in the first place.

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