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Non-Rhotic: LA's new hipster accent? (and soon-to-be band name)

Photo by DAVID MELCHOR DIAZ via Flickr Creative Commons

L.A. Taco interviewed "writer and amateur linguist," Sam Huddy, who recently wrote about a trend in Northeast L.A. regarding the disregard for the letter "r."

Huddy told L.A. Taco that he began noticing the slight lean toward non-rhotic — meaning, "speakers don’t pronounce the 'r' sound at the end of a syllable" (think: Boston accent) — around the mid-2000s.

 Huddy wrote on his blog of his small sample group findings:

"...despite the new accent’s association with the East Side, the only non-rhotic samples I collected were from Altadena and Sherman Oaks. All of the speakers I’ve found are middle-class white people (including hispanics and Jews), from middle-class white areas, with rhotic parents. All are under the age of 30." 

As for the cause of the loosly dubbed "hipster accent," Huddy suggests a few theories, including a "hypercorrection of the long retroflex r’s evinced by stereotypical 'valley girls' and 'surfer dudes,' stereotypes." 

Have you noticed this "trend?" Tell us.

[h/t Curbed L.A.]