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Family of unarmed man shot by deputies wants the FBI to investigate

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The family of unarmed man Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies shot and killed about two weeks ago is asking for the FBI to investigate the shooting.

During a press conference Monday, the lawyer for the family of Jose De La Trinidad, 36, accused Sheriff’s investigators of pressuring a 19-year old witness to change her story about what she saw.

“The witness has told my investigator that Jose’s hands were clasped behind his head. They’re up," attorney Luis Carrillo said. "They were not at the waist level and that he was shot two to three seconds after he had put his hands up.”

De La Trinidad was leaving from a family quinceañera on Nov. 10, riding with his older brother who was driving the car. Two deputies tried to pull the car over for a traffic violation but the driver sped off. After a chase, De La Trinidad got out of the car on 122nd Street. The Sheriff’s department says he raised his hands from his waistband and deputies, believing the man was armed, shot him.

Investigators did not find a gun at the scene.

“I want for justice to be served to Jose,” said his wife, Rosie De La Trinidad. “I know my husband. He was a great man, a great family man, such a beautiful person.”

De La Trinidad had two daughters ages 3 and 6. 

 This story has been updated.

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