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Circus camel briefly escapes in Glendale

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If you saw a camel running through Glendale yesterday, you weren't hallucinating.

Maybe it was opening night nerves, perhaps it was the clang of a wrench that startled her, or the unfamiliar touch of a new trainer, but Atula the camel escaped from the Ramos Brothers Circus. She crossed several lanes of traffic before being lured into the hands of her trainers by a carrot.

"People were surprised. It's not every day you see a camel running through the gas station," Douglas Ramos, co-owner of the circus, told KABC in clown make-up.

"The last thing you want to see is a camel loose on the streets," Diana Madison of told KCBS. She filmed the camel galloping away from her trainers.

Atula, 4, from Southern California, was not injured during her journey and performed last night as scheduled.

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