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'Unique LA' fair wares: From Astatine coasters to Zuchon ponchos

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The 5th Annual Unique LA Holiday Show spun through Los Angeles last weekend with a sky-high maze of made-in-America goods.

Inside the window-walled penthouse of downtown's California Market Center, thousands of Angelenos engaged in low-impact shopping, filling up on sustainable this, eco-made that and a heap of handcrafted holiday cheer for the 2012 gift giving season. 

More than 350 designers and artists were selected for the event's most recent installment, billed as the largest independent design show in the country. "Sail Nature's Wormhole," one booth's glow-in-the-dark mock tourism poster suggested, and that seems as good a way as any to describe the overall experience.

The happily overstimulated made their way through snaking stalls and labyrinthine layouts. An adorably abominable snowman stood guard while taking photos, Santa-style. And a sleeping pup inside a teepee used its telepathic powers to sway buyers into taking home dog ponchos.

  • Oh, you're more interested in a coaster element from the Periodic Table? Yours.
  • How about an old library book that's been turned into a journal? Done.
  • But I want a tiny harmonica that's a necklace AND a really cute tape gun? Ok.
  • Hey you know what? This is your year

Here's how the show looked to you:

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