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Indictment: California street gang targeted USC students for robberies

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More than two dozen people have been charged with racketeering and conspiracy stemming from an investigation that targeted South Los Angeles gangs controlled by a Mexican Mafia member serving a life sentence at Pelican Bay State Prison.

The 60-count indictment unsealed Thursday said 29 members of the street gang engaged in drug trafficking, murder and robberies targeting students at the University of Southern California at the behest of Mexican Mafia member Danny Roman.

Federal prosecutors say Roman gave orders to his daughter and son-in-law – both of whom are named int he indictment – which were passed along to gang members to commit crimes.

Authorities say Roman, who wasn't charged in the indictment, also exerted his authority over a dozen other gangs and orchestrated the extortion of vendors at a swap meet.

For more details, read the complete, 110-page indictment below. It's divided into two parts:

Operation Roman Empire Indictment Part 1

Operation Roman Empire Indictment Part 2

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