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VIDEO: Snoop Lion sacrifices Marley for Moses in 'Epic Rap Battle' against Santa Claus

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51902 full

Snoop Dogg is trying to tell us something important. He must be. 

The Long Beach prophet's latest brush with alter ego-ism sees the reincarnated Reggae legend and soccer enthusiast in a newly released "Epic Rap Battle" dressed in robes for "Israe-L.B.C." and mouthing off to Santa Claus. 

"Moses vs Santa Claus, Epic Rap Battles of History Season 2" is a good reminder that should the laws of double negation elimination somehow fail to protect us from a dimension where if [(Snoop Dogg = Moses) and (Snoop Lion = Bob Marley) and (Snoop Dogg ≥ Snoop Lion) then (Bob Marley = Moses)], just take a deep breath, repeat that a great miracle happened here, and hope to stay lit for 8 days, too.

Happy Hanukkah (to Mark). 


Moses vs Santa Claus, Epic Rap Battles of History [NSFW-lite]

[ht Heeb / Mashable]

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