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McRib challenge: LA's best BBQ vs. McDonald's pork plank sandwich (poll)

Photo by permanently scatterbrained/eric molina via Flickr Creative Commons

On the heels of Hannukah, another dodgy miracle awaits. The elusive, exclusive McRib McReturns to McDonald's on Dec. 17.

Let's review what we know.

The McRib has no ribs. It's barbecue sauced pork that's formed to look like bones, but is essentially a sandwich patty. That is part of its globular mythos. 

It has a cult following. It has a cult anti-following. It's been called a ninja sandwich. It's been called a sad pig/gym mat sandwich.  We can also deduce that it's not a polar bear, since that's not something the marketing team is really into. 

Now, because it's a makebelive nightmare fantasy food, real-world alternatives are a bit more challenging. For the most part barbecue seekers are  forced to face the tangy facts: There is no such thing as a bone sandwich.

To ingest the real-deal in a reality-based shape means sometimes making the tough choice between BBQ pork ribs and pulled pork. You simply can't have your bones and eat them too. 



KPCC consulted culinary adventurer Elina Shatkin — former L.A. Times reporter, fomer food critic for the L.A. Weekly, former West Coast Editor for Toque, and current Senior Editor at Los Angeles Magazine — for her recommenations about the city's best barbecue. Below are her t0p choices. Tell us yours in the comments.

  2. Bludso's | COMPTON
  3. Smoke City Market | SHERMAN OAKS
  4. Phillips | JEFFERSON PARK
  5. Dr. Hoggly Woggly | VAN NUYS
  6. Baby  Blues | HOLLYWOOD
  7. Boneyard Bistro | SHERMAN OAKS



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