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Robots assemble for 'Robo Toy Fest' in Pasadena

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Robo Toy Fest opened the convention doors in Pasadena last weekend bringing together vendors and collectors to swap and sell robots, and hopefully find the droids they were looking for. 

(see photos below)

Fortunately you don't need to know a Gosei Morpher or Psycho Super Gobot by name to appreciate the fantaticism surrounding them. It doesn't matter anyway, soon enough we'll all just be calling them master.

Recently, Google's AI project created the idea of a cat, and now DARPA — the DoD's research arm  —  is contributing to the robot revolution via a Robotics Challenge (DRC) to develop disaster-relief automatons that can drive cars, et al.

The competition's contender robots will face a complex obstacle course testing dexterity and strength next December that'll likely include the following challenges:

  • Drive a utility vehicle at the site
  • Travel dismounted across rubble
  • Remove debris blocking an entryway
  • Open a door and enter a building
  • Climb an industrial ladder and traverse an industrial walkway
  • Use a power tool to break through a barrier
  • Locate and close a valve near a leaking pipe
  • Attach a connector such as a wire harness or fire hose

Can they turn into a Cybertronian Ambulance? We'll see.

PHOTOS - ROBO TOY FEST (with bonus tweets from people who want Santa to bring them robots for Christmas)

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