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Mojave Desert 'Phonehenge' builder sentenced to 539 days in jail

Photo by Bryan Frank via Flickr Creative Commons
Kim Fahey stands on his 'elevator,' actually a scissor lift, at its topmost extension for a view of the top of his Phonehenge monument at his home in Acton, California.
Reed Saxon/AP

Los Angeles County prosecutors say a man who built a Mojave Desert compound known as Phonehenge West has been sentenced to almost 18 months in jail because he failed to pay for its demolition.

The L.A. Times reports Friday that Alan Kimble Fahey was ordered to pay more than $83,000 in costs incurred for the dismantling of the 20,000-foot labyrinth of interconnected structures and telephone poles. But Fahey has repaid just $1,250 to the county.

On Wednesday, L.A. County Superior Court Judge Daviann L. Mitchell questioned Fahey's claims of financial hardship before sentencing him to 539 days in jail.

Fahey's attorney Jerry E. Lennon says the nonviolent nature of his client's offense and his documented heart condition will likely make him eligible for early release.