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Pasadena to hold community rally in the wake of recent violence

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Pasadena community leaders are calling for a rally Sunday in the wake of several violent incidents that have rattled the city in recent weeks. The event, calling for peace, will take place at All Saints Episcopalian Church (132 North Euclid Avenue) near Pasadena City Hall at 3 p.m.

Pasadena Mayor Bill Bogaard is expected to attend, alongside church leaders and police chiefs from Pasadena and Altadena.

The event comes after several high-profile violent incidents, including the shooting death of Pasadena sheriff's lab technician and youth leader Victor McClinton, and a car crash that killed two others on Christmas Day. McClinton was honored in a public vigil on the steps of City Hall on Thursday.

Earlier this month, Pasadena police were found to have used lawful force in another high-profile incident from March in which officers shot and killed a man suspected of committing a robbery.

On a posting on their Facebook wall, organizers say they intend to speak about the ongoing problems of gun crime and gang violence that have affected the city, and to call for peace, hope, and respect.  

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