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Pop culture: Champagne's 5 most sparkling moments

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New Year's Eve is the champagne of holidays — potentially explosive, highly pressurized, and if done incorrectly, wrought with the worst headaches imaginable. From Kermit to Casablanca, here are five pop culture benchmarks in honor of the bubbly tempest. Welcome to the new year.

Marilyn Monroe thank you note
"It arrived, I drank it, and I was gayer."
marilyn monroe thank you note
[h/t Retronaut]


The Philadelphia Story
"Champagne is a great leveler. It makes you my equal. Well, almost my equal."


The Muppet Movie
"It's champagne!"
"Sparkling Muscatel, one of the finest wines of Idaho."
"Very suave."


Ann Margret hurls a bottle of champagne into the television. A lifetime of therapy ensues.


A tremendous number of alcoholic beverages are consumed in this film, many of them champagne and champagne-based cocktails. Below are a few recipes, modifications, and methods for a pouring a perfect version.

Have a favorite film or tv champagne moment? Pop it into the comments.

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