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Field of 'Dreamliners': LAX launches Boeing 787s to Japan and Chile

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On Thursday, United Airlines expanded its service with the first regularly scheduled 787 route between LAX and Tokyo. Additionally, LAN Airlines celebrated the inaugural US flight of its 787 Dreamliner from LAX to Santiago, Chile.

In locked and upright anticipation, local fans of flying metal first saw Boeing's Dreamliner when it touch-down in Southern California last March during the 787 Dream Tour, KPCC reported.

The 250-passenger, new-generation commercial aircraft was designed with a flight range of 8,200 nautical miles, and "extensive use of composite materials and reconceived aerodynamics have resulted in fuel consumption that is 20 percent lower than previous generation jets and it also boasts lower carbon dioxide emissions," explains U-T San Diego.

Future passengers aboard Boeing's baby can expect to find better air filtration, bigger overhead bins, redesigned lighting, and larger windows. 



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