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New bill could stop cities from ticketing at broken meters

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KPCC's Alice Walton reports  that State Assemblyman Mike Gatto has introduced a bill that would curb the city of Los Angeles from ticketing drivers who park at broken parking meters.

On Jan. 1, a new California state law went into effect that allows drivers to safely park at broken meters, however local municipalities are permitted to override the policy.

Bill AB 61 would "close that loophole" and protect against "overzealous" parking enforcement practices, according to a news release from Gatto's office.

“It is the responsibility of local governments to maintain their meters and keep them in good working order,” said Gatto.  “The people should not have to pay for the government’s mistakes or inefficiencies, especially when the people already paid to install and maintain the meters in the first place.”

The bill, AB 61, would prohibit local governments, such as cities and counties, from enacting an ordinance that bans parking in a space controlled by a broken meter or broken kiosk for on-street parking.

In December, NBC LA reported Los Angeles City Council voted 12-1 in favor of upholding ticket-issuing policy, making it illegal to park at broken meters. The L.A. Times noted that Councilmember and mayoral candidate Jan Perry was the only opposing vote.