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VIDEO: Hot air balloon wedding crashers land in SoCal yard

Screenshot vis ABC10/KGTV

A hot air balloon crashed Monday in Southern California sending 14 people, including two very new newlyweds, into the yard of a San Diego home.

The couple told ABC10/KGTV that the pilot hit turbulence during the sunset ceremony just after vows were exchanged. They said a gust of wind caught the balloon and caused it to sway over the Rancho Penasquitos neighborhood.

On Tuesday, the owner of Skysurfer Balloon Company called the incident a "windy landing" and said it happens all of the time.

One of the people onboard suffered a minor back injury, according to Maurice Luque with the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department. A member of the wedding party filmed the baskets coming down on a hillside fence sending the blue-and-yellow balloon draping over trees.

The La Jolla reception continued as planned.


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