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Monopoly to kill off game piece: Vote for new token (and to save your favorite)

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Cool story, (Has)bro. What did that wheelbarrow ever do to you?

One of the eight iconic Monopoly tokens will be booted from Boardwalk next month, and it's up to the public to decide which beloved pieces will live to build another day — and which tiny replica will meet its maker.

Hasbro's "Save Your Token" campaign is being run through the Monopoly Facebook page, and gives fans the opportunity to both "SAVE" their favorite oldtimer, and "VOTE" for their favorite newcomer. 

Hasbro will eliminate one of the following:

  • Car
  • Boot
  • Hat
  • Iron
  • Thimble
  • Battleship
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Scottie dog

In its place will be a shiny new one of these:

  • Cat
  • Ring
  • Guitar
  • Helicopter
  • Robot

At last look, the wheelbarrow and hat were in trouble, while the car and Scottie dog were cruising the "safe" zone. Check the leaderboard!

USA Today reports that a limited-edition "Gold Token" Monopoly set will be released as a tie-in to the new-piece announcement on Feb. 6. It will feature all the current tokens, plus the five new hopefuls.

Token switchups happen periodically, notes The Verge. The cannon and horse are already 10 years gone, and it's been decades more since the purse, lantern, and rocking horse graced the board(walk). In the late '90s, a money sack was sent packing. 

Submissions will be accepted until Feb. 5. To help you choose wisely, "case study" profiles and arguments accompany each token's image.

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