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Cold still grips Southern California; warming trend in the forecast

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Yes, it really has been that cold for that long in Southern California. But, relief is in sight as the forecast calls for a warming trend.

The cold snap that's had California farmers struggling to protect the $1.5 billion citrus crop is slowly starting to ease but freeze warnings remain in effect throughout the state.

The National Weather Service says temperatures dipped as low as 21 degrees Tuesday morning in the San Joaquin Valley. Growers needed wind machines to offset the cold and damage is expected to mandarin orange crops.

Elsewhere, Downtown Los Angeles reached a lot of at 37 degrees, San Francisco also hit 37 and San Diego checks in at 36 degrees.

Highs will be generally in the 50s to mid-60s, some 10 to 15 degrees below normal in some areas. And there could be wind gusts to 45 mph in the valleys and mountains.

However, high pressure is building and temperatures could hit 70 again in Southern California by Thursday.

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