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Alleged shooter in Northridge murders could face death penalty

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The man county prosecutors accuse of gunning down four people in the front lawn of an unregulated Northridge boarding home last month, may face the death penalty.

Prosecutors have charged Ka Pasasouk with four counts of murder with special circumstances that could carry the death penalty. He was also charged with one count of attempted murder, five counts of assault with a semiautomatic firearm and possession of a firearm by a felon with five priors.

Los Angeles police officers found four people dead outside the Devonshire Street boarding home early morning on Dec. 1. Pasasouk, 31, was arrested at a Las Vegas hotel on Dec. 3 with three other suspects.

Jennifer Kim, 25 of Montebello, Teofilo Navales, 49, of Castaic, Robert Calabaia, 34, and Amanda Ghossen, 24, of Monterrey Park all died in the attack. Authorities believe they had been at the house to visit other people who lived there.

The quadruple homicide sparked debate among political players about California’s criminal justice law and city boarding home regulations.

Pasasouk had a long criminal record and had already violated his probation at the time of the alleged killing. County probation officials apparently recommended he be placed back into custody.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney issued at statement saying they erred when the office recommended that Pasasouk be eligible for drug rehab program that allowed him to complete his sentence outside of jail.

Pasasouk will be arraigned on Jan. 25. He is being held without bail. Prosecutors will decide later whether or not to seek the death penalty on this case.

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