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Developer asks Mission Viejo to annex 40 acres to build 84 homes (PDF)

La Paz Road, headed inland from the freeway, Mission Viejo, 1967.
La Paz Road, headed inland from the freeway, Mission Viejo, 1967.
Photo courtesy Orange County Archives

An Irvine-based developer, Standard Pacific Homes, is scheduled to ask the Mission Viejo City Council Monday to annex 40 acres from Orange County to the city — allowing the developer to build 84 homes on 28.5 acres of that land, the Orange County Register reports. The rest of the land would be left as open space.

The area is located north of Mission Viejo in unincorporated Orange County.

Some nearby residents are opposing the project, saying it will negatively affect their quality of life, according to the Register. A local conservancy is also expressing concerns about the project’s  potential impact on open space, as well as increased traffic.

An environmental impact report on the project -- dubbed "Skyridge" -- says that there are some issues with both air quality and traffic that can’t be mitigated, but Mission Viejo’s Planning and Transportation Commission still recommended the proposal be approved.

Mission Viejo stands to gain $1.78 million in one-time fees from the development, plus an extra $40,000 in taxes each year, according to Standard Pacific’s Michael Battaglia, the Register reports.

Standard Pacific has been working with Mission Viejo on the project since early 2011.


1.0 Executive Summary by scprweb


You can read the full environmental impact report here.


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You can also read more about the project at Mission Viejo’s Community Development Department page.