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Videos: Beyoncé lip synced the national anthem; here's why you don't have to love it less

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Beyoncé's national anthem at President Obama's inauguration, complete with dramatic removal of an ear monitor, got stunning reviews Monday — only to be met Tuesday with the shock and betrayal of finding out that she is a human after all, and what we heard was a pre-recorded track. THANK GOODNESS.

The stories today cite comments from U.S. Marine Band spokeswoman Master Sgt. Kristin duBois, who tells CNN that Beyoncé "did not actually sing." ABC News, which also talked to duBois, writes that it was told that "it was Beyoncé's voice" we all heard, but that it was "a pre-recorded version."

Also not performing live during the anthem was the U.S. Marine Band, says The New York Times, adding:

"It was not immediately clear who made the decision to ask Beyoncé to lip-synch the anthem on Monday, Sergeant duBois said. The band's director, Col. Michael J. Colburn, received orders from the event's organizers to switch to a backing track just before Beyoncé went on. 'The entire performance was live except for the national anthem,' Sgt. duBois said."

Beyoncé has yet to respond to the many media outlets looking for comment on her alleged human status. Refinery29 detailed her legendary overachieving earlier Tuesday following an annoucement that she launched a blog today.

Babe has been busy with a capital "B" — there's that Destiny's Child reunionan HBO documentary, and, oh yeah, a little thing called the inauguration. Somewhere in the middle of her busy professional schedule and playing mom to Blue Ivy, the superstar has managed to [launch] a blog, appropriately titled "The Beyhive Blog." 

Four years ago, cellist Yo-Yo Ma and violinist Itzhak Perlman did not play "live" because cold weather threatened to snap their strings. On Monday, Kelly Clarkson, who also performed at the inauguration, was seen signaling to Beyoncé after the performance, appearing to mouth the words, 'It's so hard,' said ABC News.

News of Beyoncé's inaugural not-singing was first confirmed by The Times of London after learning of Washingtonian's lip sync theory from the little birdie that tells everyone everything, Twitter.

Beyoncé's next big performance will be at this year's Super Bowl halftime show on Feb. 3. To spare another round of possible outrage, Whitney Houston’s banner 1991 Super Bowl performance – arguably the best ever — was also pre-recorded. And so was the music, Rickey Minor told ABC News last year.

[I]n a crowd that large and loud, it was impossible for Houston to hear herself. Though she did sing, it was her pre-recorded voice that the audience heard.

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