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Robert Mawhinney arrested for rock and roll fraud — $6 million of it

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Rock and roll is not a crime. Unless the feds convict you. 

Robert Mawhinney, frontman for the L.A.-based band Lights Over Paris, is accused of submitting bogus brokerage statements to banks in order to fraudulently obtain more than $6 million in loans to support his music career and luxury lifestyle.

Authorities say he falsely claimed assets on loan documents to the tune of nearly $8 million. Mawhinney said he needed the money to fund his band and buy gear. Federal prosecutors say the money was used to buy a $750,000 tour bus and for travel and entertainment.

Mawhinney was arrested at Miami International Airport earlier this month. He's scheduled to be arraigned Feb. 11. If convicted, he could face up to 30 years in prison.


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