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Watch teen Jennifer Lawrence covered in cake in old MTV promo video

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The journey from being covered in cake to being covered in Christian Dior took about eight years for Oscar nominee Jennifer Lawrence.

The 22-year-old "Silver Lining Playbook" star won a statuette for "Best Female Actor in a film" at the Screen Actors Guild Awards on Sunday and took a moment at the mic to reveal the role that got her a SAG card (she also accidentally revealed her gown's construction during a stage ascent that set off a "did she rip her dress?!" ripple in the chatterverse).

Lawrence — in a move perhaps meant to repair the percieved puffery of her quote-gone-wrong speech at the Golden Globes — shared her very blonde, less-than-award-winning beginning as the birthday girl in a set of MTV promos for "My Super Sweet 16."

  • The one where she reveals her bratty MTV past at the SAG Awards 

  • The one where 14-year-old Lawrence survives a cake explosion, disco ball attack and platform malfunction in a set of super sweet MTV promos


  • The one where she learns that "First Wives Club" is a movie nobody on Twitter ever saw

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